Custom Animated Characters

Fully custom designed character with branded content. Make your company mascot or business owner come alive in animation!

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Engaging Explainer Videos

Take boring concepts like registration processes and make them engaging and memorable.

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Safety Training

Some situations are too dangerous to film live. Use animation to convey the importance of safety. Humor can even be used to make a teaching point more memorable.

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Whiteboard Animation

Ever popular for explainer videos, whiteboard animation can be a great way to describe abstract concepts such as finance, investing, healthcare, processes, technology, etc.

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Logo Intros and Titles

Bring your brand to life with logo/title animations. From something simple yet elegant to complex fully customized sequences, we have the experience you need.

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Artistic Pieces

From music videos to making photos or works of art come alive with paralaxing we can amp up the production values on your artistic videos.

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Kinetic Typography/Animation Combo

Animated graphics and kinetic typography can keep the quality high and convey all the important info you need for your video.

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