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What we believe
In order for training to be effective, you need to
1) capture your employee's attention
2) make the information memorable

Custom Concrete used MVP to close the skills gap for their new hires. Now all 250 Spanish and English speaking employees are on the same page as it relates to company mission, practice, safety, and policy.

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How we make our training effective

We stand apart in the training video market by our use of humor. People pay attention to things that are funny and remember things that are funny. By adding humor, we erase the stigma of training videos being boring and make them truly effective. Our videos grab your attention and remain memorable.

What Our Training Videos Do for You

Save Money
When everyone in your company is on the same page on mission, practice, and safety, you save enormous amounts of money by avoiding mistakes and workplace accidents.
Close the Skills Gap
Finding skilled workers ready to provide quality service in construction is becoming increasingly difficult. Customized video training on your own Learning Management System grows the skilled workers you need.
Stand Out
Everyone thinks training videos are boring. Ours cut against the grain of standard talking heads by incorporating animation, humor, on site footage, and anything necessary to engage the viewer and make sure they remember what you need them to do.