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We love working with companies who know that effective video training saves time & money and focuses impact.
I'm Joshua Blair, videographer, wordsmith, and all around creative handyman.

My talents are as diverse as my facial hair, so you may not recognize me on set. I work my magic in the background to make you look good in the foreground.

Interests include acting, magic, music, longboarding, and Rita Hayworth.

I look forward to making your video project capable of leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

My name is Caleb Blair and I am a second generation videographer.

I have been making professional videos for businesses for 9 years. I love the challenge of bringing a business to life and engaging viewers in seconds. 1 Day Video projects force me to do that.

I tell people that I wish I was a cat and had 9 lives to do all that I want to do because I’m passionately curious about almost everything.

So I’d love to learn more about you and your business. Together, we can make some killer video!

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