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We produce as many videos as we can shoot in 1 day! Editing and delivery is guaranteed within 5 business days. Grow your business with the most influential media of our day this week!

Package features:
About 4-6 hours of filming
About 20 hours of editing
1920x1080 full frame HD camera
Gimbal for smooth movement stabilization
External audio recorder and lavelier microphone
Royalty free music
Next day delivery*

*Not all videos will be delivered next day, but you will begin to get some as early as next day.

Add-on options (for additional fees):
4K video
For a limited time, when you investing a 1 Day Video package of any kind, we will give a $500 grant to a restaurant, café, brewery, or caterer of your choice to help them through the COVID-19 lockdown.

Video Ideas

Product Demonstrations
Show people how to use your product, what it looks like on someone, or how it's made. People love to see things in action before they buy.
Social Media Promos
Meet your target market where they hang out. Facebook and Instagram ads are some of the most affordable forms of advertising available today.
Video Business Cards
Introduce yourself to people online in a way that shows off who you really are. Easily share it on your social media, website, or even texting.
Website Sizzle Video
Spice up your website with a sexy video that showcases what an experience with you will be like. Websites with video see 41% more traffic.
Video testimonials are some of the most effective forms of video at 51%. They can empathize with prospects and build buying confidence.
Our Story/Teammembers
Personalize yourself with these videos. People love to learn behind the scenes stories of those with whom they are spending their money.
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