Training Videos
Custom Concrete Case Study
5 part on-boarding series featuring over 30 minutes of content on topics like:
- General new hire
- Basic safety
- Driver training
- Footing construction
- Wall construction
All videos done in both English & Spanish including:
- Voice over narration
- Titles
45 short videos about basic safety practices reducing the number of workplace accidents. Topics included:
- Proper clothing
- Yard safety
- Excavation egress
- First aid
- Power lines
- Horseplay
Promotional videos made to recruit workers at job fairs and showcase projects for national concrete construction competitions.
Onsite Footage
Real worksite b-roll captured from the ground and from the air featuring every stage of a project across multiple job sites.
Used to roll play scenarios too dangerous or difficult to shoot live as well as to add humor and viewer engagement.
"The only thing more difficult than quantifying the insane amount of profit that came from the videos is to express how much pleasure I experienced from working alongside such a professional."
-Levi Schrock, Custom Concrete
Toolbox Talks

This is one of the 45 quick safety videos used to show crews before they go out on a job site reminding them about a basic principle of safety. These were produced in English and Spanish to meet the needs of all crews.

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Animation is a great tool to illustrate a point about safety while adding humor to engage viewer's attention and be memorable. Training videos are only effective if viewers are paying attention to the video and remember the content and humor is a great tool we can use to achieve both.

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What Custom Concrete had to say about the benefits of using MVP to train their workers on best practices as it relates to job site safety.

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