About Us
Multi Generational Filmmakers Capturing Stories of Great Truth

Caleb Blair

I am a second generation videographer. My dad went to film school in the 80s, shot on film and edited with scissors and tape. None of which I have done (though shooting on film would be cool.)

But I grew up with a camera, telling stories and stirring emotions through engaging videos and animation.I have always been very self-motivated and self-directed.

I fully earned my BA in communications from Thomas Edison State College the same day I graduated high school. This is also when I started my own videography company and directed, shot, and edited my first feature length documentary.

I was able to interview New York Times best selling authors, a Russian billionaire, an advisor to the EU, and many other influential thought leaders.

I love documentary filmmaking and working with non profits because they are the stories of real people, real impact, and real life. I believe video can communicate these stories in ways the inspire viewers to action, and that is my mission.

My dad in film school in the 80s. (Looking left directly to the left of the man in the center with his back towards the camera.)

My dad and I today, sharing our story as filmmakers at a networking event.

Filming around the world (in this case Copenhagen, Denmark.)