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GEO Academies

We make our style fit your style. Whether you are an urban charter school like these guys, a hipster coffee shop, or a construction company, we make our style resonate with your target market.

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Custom Concrete

Take your video to new heights with drone. We love getting the drone out and showcasing what you do from an epic perspective.

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The sky is the limit with how far we can go to make your customers say "WOW."

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Whiteboard Animation

A popular and fun way to explain a concept, show a process, or bring life to what most people find boring.

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A perfect synthesis of the message of the lyrics and the visual storytelling. Make your music videos interesting and engaging beyond the first 30 seconds. Carry your audience through the full song lyrically and visually.

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Introduce a new product or service with quality video. We turned this video around within 24 hours to help Nameless Catering pivot during the COVID shutdown.

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Make your animation your own with a fully customized animated host, multiple voice overs, platform screen captures, and 2D animated b-roll.

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Real estate or hospitality can be excentuated with video. Take viewers on a splendid visual tour to give them a taste of what their in person experience will be like.

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Demo of how animation can add humor through exaggeration to make an effective point about work site safety.

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"Love it.  You’re a miracle maker!"
"The video was amazing and we are all super excited."
"Caleb's talent is beyond over the top. His work made us want to come stay at our own inn... if you have video work needing done for your business please don't hesitate move forward!! Caleb will put more effort than any other out there to make your business shine."
"Yay!! Absolutely over the moon - THANK YOU!!"
"It is wonderful. Thank you very much. Caleb was amazing to work with."
"Well that made me cry a little!  OH MAN, I love this…THEY. ARE. PERFECT! This encapsulates what Lions football is all about."
"Dope. Thank you."